Data Access

ForC data may be accessed through this Github repository.

Previous versions of ForC have been published in the peer-reviewed literature: Anderson-Teixeira et al. (2016) and Anderson-Teixeira et al. (2018). ForC is continuously developing, and the version on Github is always the current master. Interested users may contact database PI Dr. Kristina Anderson-Teixeira for an update on status and to discuss collaboration.

Data Use

ForC is an open access database, and we encourage use of the data for scientific research and educational purposes. All users are responsible to adhere to the data use policy: DATA Interested users are encouraged to contact database PI Dr. Kristina Anderson-Teixeira to discuss collaboration.

Contributing to the database

We anticipate that ForC-db will be of great value for various initiatives seeking to understand and manage the role of tropical forests in the global C cycle, and we encourage authors to contribute data. Please see