Global Forest Carbon Database (ForC)

The global Forest Carbon database (ForC) is an open access database compiled and maintained by Dr. Kristina Anderson-Teixeira’s Ecosystems & Climate Lab at the Smithsonian.

ForC is the largest database of ground-based measurements of forest ecosytsem carbon stocks and annual fluxes. It contains supplementary data including site information, stand ages, and disturbance history. All data were obtained from published, peer-reviewed sources, as detailed in Anderson-Teixeira et al. (2016) and Anderson-Teixeira et al. (2018).

ForC is updated and maintained in this Github repository and may be visualized using our interactive Shiny app.

39,762 records | 10,608 plots | 1,532 distinct geographic areas

Geographical distributions of sites included in ForC-db. Symbols are colored according to the number of records from each site. Underlying map shows coverage of evergreen, deciduous, and mixed forests (from SYNMAP; Jung et al. 2006) and biogeographic zones (Olson et al. 2001). Distribution of sites, plots, and records among biogeographic zones is shown in the inset.